Redeemer Christian School

an accredited, classical and Christian school in Mesa, Arizona


  RCS offers home schooling Christian families the opportunity to enroll in select classes to supplement their curriculum at home. All courses are taught with a Christian-world view utilizing classical teaching techniques.  These offerings are designed not to replace home instruction, but to offer enrichment opportunities.

  All courses are taught by RCS faculty, who direct the student to complete work at home, under the supervision of their parent.  Home educated students have the opportunity to be involved in all activities of the school:  field trips, music, drama, sports, SAT testing, etc.   

   For the 2014-2015 school year, a high school level seminar for Medieval World History, Bible/Philosophy, Medieval World Literature, and Rhetoric is being offered four meeting times weekly.  Click here for more information about the high school Medieval World Seminar.

   Enrollment in home school enrichment courses at RCS can be requested by contacting the school office, 480-962-5003.

  An application for admission to the home school program can be downloaded here

Homeschool Enrichment

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Primary, K-2; Elementary, 3-5Middle School, 6-8; High School, 9-12

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